Designer soul with an artistic touch.
Katya had the opportunity to collaborate with important culture institutions as Teatro alla Scala di Milano and the Museo Guggenheim di Venezia.

Yuki Katagiri,for Precious Magazine Japan

tessutiArchaeological Museum of Milan

The Archaeological Museum of Milan has acquired a new section and, after restructuring it completely, has dedicated it to the Longobardi. On the occasion of the inauguration of the new unit, the outfits of the Longobardi’s age were recreated and were worn by three mannequins made accordingly to the body structure of that population. Among them there was an outfit of a pregnant lady, found in an archaeological site near Campione d’Italia. The outfits were re-constructed by the costume designer Chiara Donato and were enriched with unique decorative and embroidery details of that time. The work of philologic re-construction of this decoration was entrusted to Katya Fernandez.


Museum of Zucchi Collection

A thoughtful and a creative person, this is how she was recognized as a designer with a touch of artistic spirit. In 2000 Zucchi – the fabric firm accomplished the Museum of Zucchi Collection in Milan – 5.000 antique printing blocks for fabrics. Zucchi entrusted Katya Fernandez with this great work of giving new life to the classical designs, abstractive and floral, printed with the blocks of their Collection. The precious hand embroidery images that migrated from those blocks are found in the exclusive collection of Katya’s bags, scarfs and other accessories.


National Museum of Science and Technology

Her style swam across another event of Milan in 2000: The exhibition “The Business Intelligence” situated in the National Museum of Science and Technology, in which Katya exhibited a scarf which expressed the invaluable antique tradition of hand embroidery, on fabrics made and colored according to the techniques of the cottage industries. And moreover her scarf “artistica” was proposed for sale at a shop of Guggenheim Museum in Venice.


scalaTheater – La Scala of Milan

In Katya, the artistic emotion continues. Later presented by an award of Oscar, Gabriella Pescucci, started a collaboration with the Theatre  La Scala supplying fabrics, embroidery and restoring antique costumes of the settings.



The journalist Cristiana Palmigiano writes about Katya.

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