“In the late Eighties Katya arrived in Stuttgart, Germany as a classic ballet dancer before moving to Milan where she first started to work as a model and later finding her way to express her talent and creativity collaborating with different fashion houses”.

“In 1994, she specialized in precious and exclusive embroidery, starting to designing and supplying unique samples focused on embroidery techniques for Pret-a-Porter and Couture for various luxury brands. She became a major consultant for all those who live in and around the world of embroidery, fabrics and designs. Her work has been prominent in the collections of many famous designers.”

(Cristiana Palmigiano, journalist wrote about Katya.)

Finally  focused on accessories, since year 2000  from her  Milanese office she collaborates with the top international labels and designs her own “Super Exclusive” accessories collection of handbags made only in exotic leather.


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